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Get wireless, high-speed broadband from R249pm x 24. Now available in over 1600 locations.

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Telkom LTE is voted the best wireless broadband service in SA

LTE is the next generation internet technology. LTE is delivered over a dedicated wireless spectrum capable of high speed, low latency internet services.

Game changing technology

Up to 90Mbps download speeds & up to 25Mbps upload speeds. No buffering, better latency. It is the internet LIVE.

No wires, no mess, no fuss

Easy installation, just plug and play. With no cables and no installation fees you get connected instantly. No fixed line required.

Turn Your Home Or Business Into A Fully Connected Wi-Fi Hotspot

Your bandwidth won't fluctuate, your Skype calls won’t drop and you won't lose signal. This is the internet stable and fast.

Now available in over 1600 locations nationally!

Total inclusive data: 40GB (20GB anytime data + 20GB night surfer data)

Smartbroadband Wireless 100GB


 Smartbroadband Wireless 5GB

Select The Right Internet Package Based On Your Data Needs


Total inclusive data: 20GB (10GB anytime data + 10GB night surfer data)

PM x 24

PM x 24

Smartbroadband Wireless 10GB


Total inclusive data: 200GB (100GB anytime data + 100GB night surfer data)

PM x 24

Smartbroadband Wireless 200GB

Deal Of The Month 20GB


Meal Delivery

PM x 24


Best Seller

Smartbroadband Wireless 30GB

Telkom LTE packages include VAT and are valid until the 31st of July 2017


Total inclusive data: 10GB (5GB anytime data + 5GB night surfer data)

PM x 24

Total inclusive data: 100GB (50GB anytime data + 50GB night surfer data)

Total inclusive data: 60GB (30GB anytime data + 30GB night surfer data)

Smartbroadband Wireless 50GB


Total inclusive data: 400GB (200GB anytime data + 200GB night surfer data)

PM x 24

PM x 24

Smartbroadband Wireless LTE-A Packages Also Available In Limited Areas 

LTE-A 200GB (+200GB Night Surfer) R1699pm x 24

LTE-A 100GB (+100GB Night Surfer)  R1099pm x 24

LTE-A 50GB (+50GB Night Surfer) R799pm x 24

LTE-A advanced packages only available in LTE-A covered areas. Please contact us to check availability.

+ 24 months contract including FREE LTE Wi-Fi modem/router

+ No fixed analogue line required

All Telkom LTE & LTE-A Packages Include:

+ FREE Delivery within 3-5 working days

+ Inclusive package selected anytime data (GB)

+ Night surfer data between 12am - 7am

+ Easily top-up your data if required via Telkom mobile app or website

+ Easy plug & play installation

+ FREE SIM and connection

Telkom deal of the month

How does the nightsurfer data work?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution which is a high-speed wireless broadband technology. LTE is the latest generation of mobile technology and is a step up from 3G technology offering a further improvement on functionality, improved performance and faster network downlink and uplink speeds.

The Huawei B315 LTE WiFi router is included in all 24 month LTE contracts. The Huawei W5186 LTE-A WiFi router is included in all 24 month LTE-A contracts. These routers have 4 LAN (ethernet ports) for cabled connections and also has built in WiFi to create your own personal hotspot in your home or business.

Why Telkom's LTE?

What hardware is included?

Telkom Mobiles LTE network is on the 2300MHz radio frequency spectrum band, which means more capacity, no congestion, consistent connectivity and great speeds.

What is LTE?

Frequently Asked Questions

Telkom provides you with extra night surfer data that you can use over and above your package allocated data during the hours of 12am-7am. E.G: If you take a 50GB package you will have an extra 50GB night surfer data to use during those hours.

What speed can I expect?

Do I need a Telkom fixed line to get LTE?

Telkom’s LTE network supports downlink speed up to 90Mbps and uplink speed up to 25Mbps. Telkom’s LTE-Advanced network supports downlink speeds up to 150Mbps and uplink speed up to 25Mbps. Actual speed achieved will depend on network coverage and is a best-effort service.

No fixed line is required. LTE is a completely wireless technology. If you require a voice service we suggest you port your existing telephone number over to VoIP or we can issue you with a new number.

"I'm able to stream radio and Netflix on demand with no buffering, So happy! Will definately recommend!"

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"I was sick of all the problems that came with ADSL so I switched to LTE and now my internet is stable and really fast"

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Powered By Telkom's Award Winning Mobile Network

Powered By Telkom's Award Winning Mobile Network

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