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Authorised Service Provider

Here's what to do next:

1. Coverage check

If you know you are covered for Telkom LTE then you can start filling in your documents below. DSL Telecom will contact you on the number/email you have provided to confirm that your address is fully covered for Telkom LTE and to confirm a few details in order to help complete your application.

  • Signed Consumer Application Form
  • Copy of ID (Does not need to be certified)
  • Latest Telkom Bill (only required if you're an existing Telkom client)
  • Signed Business Application Form
  • Copy of Company Registration or CK Document
  • Copy of Directors ID (Does not need to be certified)
  • Proof of Address (Residential Address of Directors)
  • Proof of Banking (Bank confirmation letter or 3 Month Internet Bank Statements or Cancelled Cheque)

2. Fill in application form and send RICA documents

If covered you will need to download and complete the Telkom application form and send the relevant RICA documents listed below back to us for processing:

Personal capacity or consumer applications:

Business capacity or business applications:

We look forward to getting you connected!

Send the documents back to us to complete the order:


Fax:  086 582 9038 

WhatsApp: 087 150 8595

Phone: 087 802 0917

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